Glow kinesiology studio
Balance your energy, live your life.

Ready to make a change?

Balance your energy, live your life.


Empower yourself and transform your life with kinesiology:

  • Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Identify nutritional support to help you thrive

  • Recovery faster from injuries and illnesses

  • Increase your energy

  • Heal relationship problems

  • Boost your mood and reduce anxiety

  • Make positive lifestyle changes to help you achieve your goals


What is kinesiology

Kinesiology helps optimise your health and wellbeing by using muscle testing to gain information about your specific needs. Biofeedback from muscle testing will indicate what you need on a physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual level to achieve your goals and move towards greater wellbeing.

What types of stress can be held in the body

Types of stress that can be held in your body include physical stress, mental stress, emotional stress and nutritional stress. Clearing these stresses allows the body to energise itself, promoting healing and overall wellbeing. 

Feel lighter & re-energised

"I'm not even sure where to start - but after just one session with Jeanne I felt amazing. A weight lifted off my shoulders and it has stayed away.I chose kinesiology and Glow specifically to look for a new solution rather than medication and I cannot recommend this enough. To treat a specific issue or even just to do something for you and feel good again - Jeanne is amazing at what she does. Thank you!

- Jodie

Help with Anxiety & Self-Esteem

"Jeanne Santosa is by far the best person I have been to see to help relieve me of my anxiety problems and feelings of low energy as well as low self esteem. I have been twice now and am feeling re-energised and positive about my health and future. Highly recommend Glow Kinesiology Studio.

- Shelley

Gain clarity in a supportive partnership

"Jeanne is amazing. Not only is she really knowledgeable and experienced, but she practices very intuitively and with great kindness. I always feel supported and guided, and that I am in a safe space to explore (and clear!) any issues or blockages. The beauty is that it works on so many levels - physical, emotional, spiritual. Big thank you, Jeanne!"

- Jackie





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