When I was about 19 years old I found myself crying all day every day for no apparent reason. Pretty soon I was diagnosed with depression at a time when there was still a lot of stigma around mental health issues. 

At first, I tried to deny that there was something serious going on that needed addressing. As time went on I continued to grapple with crippling depression and anxiety. 

Eventually, I began researching ways to overcome these challenges. I clung to fixes like strict diets and exercise which would help me for a time but sooner or later the cloud I was running from would always catch up with me. 

For me, psychotherapy exacerbated the problem. The more I talked about the issues I was facing the more depressed and anxious I became. I was so lost and decided to take medication to manage the issue. This was absolutely the right decision for me because after 10 years of struggling I could get on with my life. 

Not long after this, I was led to kinesiology. This was the first modality which seemed to help me untangle what felt like mental and emotional chaos. Each session I gained new awarenesses and eventually began to feel lighter. With each goal, I set and achieved my self-confidence grew as did my energy levels and vitality. 

Now, many years down the track and as a kinesiology practitioner myself I barely recognise that terrified person I used to be. Like all of us, I still consider myself a work in progress but I am confident, happy and living in line with my values. I look forward to new challenges and my world is bright and vibrant. 

Kinesiology has helped me so much by tapping into my subconscious, my cells and my unseen energy systems. With kinesiology, I've healed old wounds and faced fears at a pace unique to my own needs. 

Now that I'm a practitioner myself I feel so lucky to be able to walk alongside my clients as they address their healing. Kinesiology has been a gift for me to discover and I'm so fortunate to be in the position where I can help others discover it's unique beauty too. This is why I do what I do.

My Mission

Our bodies have innate wisdom and enormous healing potential. My passion is empowering clients to tap into their healing mechanisms. Our bodies already know what they need and my mission is to help the body communicate these needs. Once these requirements are met the body's healing power is unlocked giving us greater energy to achieve our goals and enjoy life.

What can Glow Kinesiology Studio Help With?

  • Goal Setting

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Energy balancing with nutrition

  • Injury recovery

  • Low energy

  • Relationship problems

  • Low mood and anxiety

  • Identifying positive lifestyle changes to help you achieve your goal

What is Kinesiology?