Our meridian energy cycles according to the time of day.

In Chinese meridian theory, the cycles of our Life Energy (Chi) move through our organs and their corresponding meridians in a clock-like pattern corresponding to specific times of day. Each meridian has a two-hour period where the energy flow is at its peak intensity. 

The two midline meridians, our central and governing vessels, are the exceptions to this rule. They don't follow the same ebb and flow that the other 12 meridians follow. The purpose of these meridians is to manage energy entering and leaving the body. 

In acupuncture theory the best time to treat certain diseases is during these peak flow periods. Richard Gerber in his book Vibrational Medicine writes the bests time to treat asthma is between 3AM and 5AM when energy flow in the lung meridian is at it's peak intensity. By this logic, we can understand why we often need to go to the bathroom early in the morning between 5AM and 7AM when the large intestine meridian is at the height of its activity. This is just one example of how our organs can be more active at certain times of the day. 

11AM - 1PM: Heart

1 - 3PM: Small Intestine

3 - 5PM: Bladder

5 - 7PM: Kidney

7 - 9PM: Circulation-Sex 

9 - 11PM: Triple Warmer 

11PM - 1AM: Gallbladder

1 -3AM: Liver

3 -5AM: Lung

5 - 7AM: Large Intestine

7 - 9AM: Stomach

9 - 11AM: Spleen

Consider the health implications of these energy shifts within our organs. For example, people with an imbalance in their gallbladder meridian may experience gallbladder pain or even a gallbladder attack between 11PM and 1AM. Likewise those with an imbalance in the lung meridian  could experience coughing fits or an asthma attack between 3AM and 5AM. It's amazing to think of this unseen energy coursing throughout our body and how imbalances in this energy can have such a profound impact on the functioning of our organs.