5-Element Sound Balance

The 5-Element Sound Balance, one of my favourite balances, came up today in a session with a client! It doesn't come up very often but when it does you had better believe HUGE emotional shifts are coming! It's not always the most ideal balance if you practise from home and your toddler is having a nap! 😂🤣 But Theo was out cold thankfully… I did need to go into the house to prewarn hubby that we were about to let loose in the studio! This balance is amazing because it releases stored emotion that has often been hanging around for years. My client said, "But I never shout!" It was probably the first time in years that she had truly allowed herself to shout and laugh. So we had a good shout and a good laugh (I channelled Ali Wong!) and it felt fantastic. AND you had better believe that weak liver meridian muscle, the pectoralis major sternal, was strong and locking after this exercise. 💪