Have you done your homework?

If you’ve invested the time and money in having a Kinesiology consultation don’t short change yourself by forgetting to do your home reinforcement! Home reinforcement is that stuff that comes up at the end of a balance that your body has indicated will support you! A Kinesiology session is like having a direct phone line to your body, mind and soul in all its wisdom. You are tapping into your innate intelligence so you’d best listen. Your body might indicate that walking for 30mins every morning or meditating for 10mins a few times a week is in your highest good. You might need to massage reflex points or supplement with specific vitamins, minerals, herbs or enzymes. Whatever your home reinforcement is IT IS UNIQUE TO YOUR NEEDS. I get it...when I go to see a kinesiologist it can be a mind-blowing experience. I gain insights, I’m relieved and sometimes so relaxed at the end of a session I could drop off to sleep. Most of the time Kinesiology brings a lot of information to the surface that I need time to digest. So yes, it can be easy to forget home reinforcement because frankly, a lot can happen in a 60min Kinesiology balance. BUT home reinforcement is IMPORTANT!!! Just as important as those insights you’ve gained in your session. Every time you do the Home Reinforcement you are supporting and strengthening yourself just that little bit more. So don’t forget to do your homework. Xx