The first time I experienced kinesiology I was convinced that the kinesiologist could read my mind. It was quite unsettling to think that maybe this lovely lady knew my deepest darkest secrets. I was relieved to discover that she wasn’t reading my mind. What she was reading were my muscles.

Muscle testing is a simple but powerful tool that allows you to access crucial information that you can use to heal and navigate your way in life.

Muscle testing is basically about finding locked or unlocked muscles. A locked muscle feels firm and is easily held when light pressure is exerted against it. An unlocked muscle feels spongy and gives way under light pressure.

Muscle testing is the core tool of kinesiology because it is used to answer questions that are asked of your body. We can ask your body to show a “yes” response with a locked muscle and “no” response with an unlocked muscle. Or we can simply ask your body to indicate with a change from locked to unlocked or vice versa.

At the beginning of any kinesiology session, I will help you find a really good worded goal for your session. For example, say I have a client named Susan who comes in for relief from chronic back pain. We would find a really specific and measurable goal for her session such as “My back is now comfortable and moves with ease when I put my toddler, Jack, in his car seat”.

Susan and I would determine if this was the best goal for her session by asking her body to use a locked muscle to show YES and an unlocked muscle to show NO in response to the question “This goal is in Susan’s highest good for today?” If the body responded with a YES we would proceed with the balance. If Susan’s muscles responded with a NO we would modify the goal in some way until we receive a YES response.

So as you can see, muscle testing allows you to zone in on what your body knows it needs. Your body is so clever and wants to heal. Muscle testing allows your body to show you the path to healing.

As you may or may not know kinesiology places a big focus on moving out of stagnant emotional states. By using muscle testing we can ask your body to identify emotions that need to be cleared to restore healthy energy flow. One of the funniest sessions I’ve had was with a client who had never had kinesiology before and wasn’t used to discussing emotions. Every time I found an emotion that needed to be cleared he would respond with a slightly suspicious “Who told you this?” to which I would always respond “Your muscles are telling me.”

I think it’s really important to note that your muscles will never betray you by bringing up a trauma that you are not ready to deal with. Everyone heals at their own pace and your body has a wisdom and an order to healing that is in your highest good. In this way, your body is a powerful ally for your personal growth. It sends you messages in so many forms. These messages can often come in uncomfortable forms such as pain, anxiety, digestive issues or fatigue. Throwing up these issues is the way your body communicates. What your body is saying is “Hey, I have some important information for you. Exploring this issue will help you learn, grow and heal. I will help you.” You can learn so much from listening to your body and muscle testing is, in my opinion, the most efficient way to hear it’s messages.