Are your skull bones moving the way they should?

Ever wondered why that cute headband is so uncomfortable to wear? 

Pain above your eye that continues up to your hairline?

The problem could be that your skull bones are just not moving as they should. For many years people thought the bones of our skull were fused. We now know that they are joined by elastic substances including connective tissue, nerves and blood cells. It seems that our 22 cranial bones have another important job on top of holding and protecting our precious brains. They need to MOVE!

The rhythmic movement of our skull bones acts as a pump for our cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) which circulates our brain and spinal cord. The critical function of our CSF is to remove metabolic waste (nasties) from our nervous systems. 

Accidents/concussion and exposure to certain chemicals (including those produced by our bodies when we are under stress) can impair the movement of our cranial bones and in turn the flow of our CSF pump. Nasties start building up in the nervous system leading to memory problems, a foggy head and mood issues. 

Checking for cranial imbalances at the beginning of every session is so important because of their impact on our physical, mental and emotional well being. My mantra is "Always check for cranial imbalances FIRST."