Let's talk about the connection between Vitamin C and Stress..

Oh Vitamin C, what would we do without you?

Not only does this Herculean antioxidant vitamin boost your immune system, repair tissues and protect you from free radicals vitamin C is directly involved in the production of cortisol (otherwise known as the stress hormone) in your adrenal glands. 

When you are under stress the vitamin C in your body is rapidly used up in the production of cortisol and other stress-response hormones.

During periods of prolonged stress your vitamin C stores become depleted. Paradoxically your adrenal glands respond to very low vitamin C levels by increasing their production of cortisol. 

Cue anxiety, blood sugar imbalances and a weakened immune system. 

Unfortunately we live in a society where stress is rife the line between productivity and burnout can be crossed without us realising if we aren't listening to our bodies. 

My advice coming into winter is increase your vitamin C intake with FOODS. I say foods because our bodies are experts in extracting nutrients from foods. 

However, if you have been under prolonged stress or you have been struck down with a winter bug you may need to supplement. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY on vitamin C tablets from the chemist or supermarket. They are not bio-available (your body has no idea what to do with them) and can do a lot more damage than good to your system. 

If you need to supplement choose the highest quality available. I use and recommend GNLD supplements which are excellent food supplements. 

However, there are a number of other fantastic supplements on the market. Just ask your health professional for advice… but stay away from those popular supermarket supplements. 

Stay healthy. xx