Inherited tendencies towards disease and Flower Essences.

Lately I've been pondering the wide variety of recurring health issues I've observed in my clients, friends and family members. It seems we all have predispositions to certain types of illnesses. Let's call these predispositions the 'weak links' in our physical body.

Have you ever noticed that these weak links often run in families? Food intolerances and digestive problems, so prevalent today are often passed down from parents to children. Skin issues such as eczema are also often shared amongst family members. 

A close friend of mine develops regular chest infections that can be so severe that she sometimes lands in hospital. She has been dealing with this problem since birth. I have often wondered what could explain this weakness that is specific to her respiratory system? When I've asked her about it she's told me the cause is unknown to her. She accepts these chest infections as a part of life and assumes that she will continue to have them regularly. 

My particular weak link growing up was a propensity towards dark moods. Was this bias towards pessimism a learned behaviour or is there another explanation? 

Consider another case, a teacher, who regularly suffers from bouts of laryngitis. One might assume that the strain on her larynx from using her voice so much at work might be responsible for the chronic nature of her condition. But is there another possible explanation?  

The answer is yes! 

One particularly fascinating explanation that I would like to share has to do with the theory of miasms. 

Richard Gerber in his mind-blowing book, Vibrational Medicine, defines miasms as the energetic states that predispose us to future illnesses. Miasms can be acquired as a result of illnesses stemming from viral or bacterial infections or by contact with toxic chemicals.  

However, miasms are not the initial disease but rather the weakness that is caused by this disease. The concept of miasms can be quite difficult to grasp when viewed through the lens of modern Western medicine.

Many of us have grown up thinking of disease as caused directly by infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses or chemical exposure. We assume that after we recover and the disease-causing agent is removed, there will be no future ramifications for our health. In reality, these illnesses will have left energy traces lying dormant in our subtle energy bodies.

These miasms, or weak links, make our bodies more susceptible to certain illnesses in the future. We can inherit these weak links from our parents and ancestors, or we can acquire them in our own lifetime. 

Hahnemann, the father of modern homoeopathy, acknowledged the existence of these miasms and believed there were three inherited miasms:

1. Psora miasm: associated a predisposition to psoriasis and other skin disorders.

2. Syphilitic miasm: associated with predisposition to ulceration, granulation and degeneration. 

3. Sycosis miasm: associated with a predisposition to growths, hardening of tissues and infiltrations. This miasm relates to disorders of the pelvic region and sexual organs, skin and digestive system and arthritic conditions of the joints. 

Another miasm was later added to this list:

4. Tubercular miasm: associated with respiratory, digestive and urinary problems. 

In addition to these inherited weak links, Gerber quotes the psychic readings of Kevin Ryerson, a powerful channel of technical information, in his description of four currently recognised acquired miasms and the conditions that can manifest as a result. These include: 

1. Radiation miasm:  Resulting from the increase in background radiation since WWII.  Manifestations include premature ageing, endocrine system deterioration, anaemia, weakening bone tissue, arthritis, and bacterial infections of the brain to name a few. 

2. Petrochemical miasm: Resulting from the increase in petroleum and chemical products used in modern life.  Some of the manifestations of this miasm include a range of issues including fluid retention, metabolic imbalances resulting in a tendency to retain weight, difficulty assimilating Vitamin K resulting in circulatory disorders and the list goes on.

3. Heavy metal miasm: Some of the manifestations of this miasm include allergies to petrochemicals, excessive hair loss and a susceptibility to viral inflammations.  

Okay, so now we know the mischief miasms can cause. But where do miasms reside? 

The answer is within our subtle energy fields. To explore these subtle energy fields fully would be a whole other post but in a nutshell humans have many bioenergetic levels. The level we can all see is the physical body. The next level out, closest to the physical body, is the acupuncture meridians where energy from the environment enters and leaves the body. Fanning further out respectively are the etheric body, the astral body, the mental body and finally the higher spiritual energies. Miasms reside in these unseen subtle energy levels until the their potential for illness is transferred into the physical body. 

By eliminating these weak links we can enjoy excellent health and wellbeing. We can also avoid passing our weak links on to future generations. 

How do we go about eliminating miasms? Homoeopathic remedies, flower essences and other vibrational remedies such as gem essences are all extremely beneficial for these issues.

I adore using flower essences in my clinic. We are so blessed to have these wonderful gifts from nature to support us. Here is a direct quote from Vibrational Medicine on the benefits of using flower essences for treating miasms:

"Flower essences do not so much directly abate miasms; they merely create a clear state of consciousness that then affects the personality, the physical body, and the genetic code to entirely eliminate miasms from the physical and subtle bodies. Flower essences that notably influence the crown chakra and subtle bodies weaken all the miasms, so they can be discharged from the system."

Muscle testing is a fantastic tool for determining which flower essences we can work with to elevate our consciousness, eliminate miasms and restore our bodies and energy fields to optimum health and balance. 

Another day, another reason to love kinesiology!