Turbo charge your goals and affirmations with temporal tapping


The most important thing to remember on our journey back to health and wellness is that we always have the power to heal OURSELVES. When we are feeling weak or defeated it's not easy to think of ways to get out of a funk. In these moments, when we are most vulnerable, having a range of self-help techniques in our toolbox becomes really handy. 

One of the most powerful tools I use in sessions with my clients is temporal tapping. This wonderful technique can be used by anyone to deeply imprint goals and affirmations within the conscious and unconscious mind. It's also an effective way to replace negative self-talk with positive messages. I find myself using this technique as a self-help tool almost daily particularly when those nagging doubts begin to creep in. I always feel more energised and positive afterwards.

Temporal tapping is quick and simple and takes us a step closer to achieving our goals. Here's how it works:  

Simply choose a goal or affirmation. e.g. "I am strong"

State your affirmation, "I am strong", as you firmly tap along your temporal sphenoidal line shown in the diagram below. If you are not sure where the temporal sphenoidal line is just tap in a circle around your ears and you will definitely be tapping the correct area. (NB. NEVER TAP YOUR HEAD IF YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF EPILEPSY OR STUTTERING. If you have epilepsy or stuttering simply hold this line while you say your affirmation and then rub the notch at the top of your sternum in between your collar bones). 

Most of the time our brains are busy censoring the constant stream of stimuli we receive in order to avoid sensory overload. The purpose of temporal tapping is to momentarily deactivate the brain's censoring mechanism so that chosen information, in this case a goal or an affirmation, can become much more powerful. 

Do you have a goal or affirmation you would like to turbo charge?